Tourisme Montréal: Uniting the local tourism industry

Tourisme Montréal is a private, non-profit organization that works to position Montréal as one of the most attractive cities in North America, recognized around the world for being an open, exciting and creative destination. The organization leads innovative tourist welcome strategies with a twofold objective: ensuring that visitors enjoy a high-quality experience and maximizing the economic benefits of tourism. Uniting more than 900 tourism industry stakeholders, Tourisme Montréal plays a leading role in the management and development of Montréal’s tourism offer and makes recommendations on issues with regard to the city’s economic, urban and cultural development. The organization’s mandate includes: 

Maximizing the economic benefits of tourism
Tourisme Montréal creates business opportunities for its members and partners with a view to maximizing the economic spinoffs of tourism for the whole city. The organization develops market-specific business intelligence to better target tourist segments, develop new markets and create connections around the world.

Developing and deploying innovative tourist welcome strategies
Tourisme Montréal leads local efforts to develop tourist welcome strategies that create an unforgettable experience for visitors. Our responsibilities include managing a tourist information office and educating the tourism industry on the importance of offering an outstanding welcome. 
In line with these aims, the organization launched the “Montréal vous accueille” project, displaying the BONJOUR signature at all of the city’s points of entry and tourist attractions. The goal of this initiative is to rally tourism professionals around a shared greeting strategy and provide a unified visual that showcases the city’s dominant language and warm personality.

Managing and developing the tourism offer
Tourisme Montréal plays a leading role in the management and development of Montréal’s tourism offer, ensuring alignment with industry trends. It also makes recommendations on issues surrounding the city’s economic, urban and cultural development. Its goal is to enhance Montréal’s appeal during all four seasons and to highlight the destination’s unique personality. 

Promoting Montréal as a choice destination for conventions and events 
Tourisme Montréal works hard to position Montréal as a leading destination for hosting corporate events and professional meetings (conventions, trade shows, etc.). The Business Sales team begins by carrying out prospecting activities on the associations, meetings, conventions and incentive travel markets. Once an event is secured, the Convention Services team actively supports professional meeting organizers by providing them with comprehensive assistance and by carrying out promotional work aimed at maximizing attendance at events. 

Consulting with stakeholders in the tourism industry 
Tourisme Montréal is dedicated to this goal and actively consults with thought leaders in the tourism sector when developing its plans. To this end, it has joined forces with industry partners to create various consultative and cooperative committees. In addition to the ongoing tasks of Tourisme Montréal’s board of directors, committees have been created to address topics such as: Culture; Board Events; Conventions; Food Tourism; Religious Tourism; Tourist Welcome; Recreation and Tourism Investment Development; the Regroupement des festivals engagés; Luxury Clienteles; Sustainability in the Tourism Industry and International Cruises. 


For more information about Tourisme Montréal’s structure, please see our Organizational Structure webpage.