Strategic orientations

Tourisme Montréal’s Ambitious Roadmap

Tourisme Montréal reveals its 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, an ambitious roadmap that embodies the organization's commitment towards harmonious and sustainable growth of the destination. In a context where the tourism industry faces global challenges, this plan is of capital importance as a guide to consolidate and strengthen the positioning and attractiveness of Montreal.

This plan is based on four fundamental strategic axes:


1. Strengthen the awareness and attractiveness of the destination and its offering.

Tourisme Montréal prioritizes marketing initiatives in markets with high growth potential such as Ontario, the American Northeast and France. Furthermore, the organization will increase its media investments in the low seasons, while continuing to promote the local “tourist” offer to residents in order to make them proud ambassadors of the city.

2. Boost the business and sporting events offering.

The actions aim to attract corporate and sports groups from Canada and internationally. The organization will make special efforts to find off-season opportunities in order to increase direct and indirect economic impacts in the city. Particular attention will be paid to increasing sustainable practices in this sector as well as developing an extended experience for conference delegates.

3. Federate the Montreal ecosystem in the development of a sustainable destination.

This ambitious axis aims to make Montreal a leading tourist destination by promoting eco-responsible and sustainable practices, while financially supporting the development of innovative products as well as festivals and events, pillars of Montreal’s culture. Tourisme Montréal acts as a leader for the overall development of the city by acting on several fronts, such as construction site management and sustainable mobility.

4. Mobilize and rally employees, partners, members and residents around a common vision.

The evolution of the proposal to members focuses on strengthening membership as well as support for sustainable actions. Strategic partnerships are maximized to propel the Tourisme Montréal brand, while the employee experience is optimized through activities focused on team building and well-being.


We look forward to implementing this ambitious plan and working together to make Montreal an even more attractive, dynamic and sustainable destination.